Votes are extremely important to Crystal, they are what makes Crystal stand out and reach the top of various server top-lists. Votes bring more traffic and more players to the server.

Players can vote every 12 hours and receive 50,000 coins, 2 hours of Bonus Experience and a Vote Ticket.

How to VoteEdit

Firstly, visit

Step 1. Click on each of the buttons and vote on all/ of the websites.


Once you have voted on all of the sites, press Continue.

Step 2. Tick the Reward and enter your in-game username.


Claiming Your RewardEdit

Once in-game type ::claim to receive your vote rewards.


Vote Tickets (Paramaya Ticket) can be used at the Crystal Vote Shop. The vote shop can be accessed by talking to Sir Perciva, who can be found wandering around the Lumbridge Castle grounds.

  • Hats cost 5 vote tickets each.
  • Scarfs cost 5 vote tickets each.
  • Fighter Torso costs 35 vote tickets.
  • Barrelchest Anchor costs 35 vote tickets.